At The Printed Word, we work hard to ensure that our business operations and products are as environmentally friendly as possible. We have a long-term commitment to using eco-friendly, sustainable FSC certified and PEFC sources. In addition to this, our computer-to-plate system does not emit any harmful toxins and our latest colour hybrid printing press is waterless and completely alcohol free. We even recycle all our ink cartridges. On top of that, in line with our customers’ expectations, we are always on the lookout for new eco-friendly printing materials and ways to implement recycled products into our business processes. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and always welcome customer feedback on how we could improve our practises in this area.


It is important to know the facts when it comes to the printing and paper industry. All the paper we use for your printing is either PEFC or FSC certified, meaning they are sourced from sustainable forestry. When selecting raw materials and designing products and packaging, our policy prioritises recycled products where possible and the consistent use of renewable sources and sustainable forestry. We aim to avoid the use of any materials which are known to be detrimental to the environment – whether through their gathering, production or disposal. We deliberately use eco-friendly materials, not just because it is the right choice, but because it should be the only choice for any environmentally friendly company.


We work closely with suppliers to carry out our environmental policy, ensuring it’s aligned with FSC and PEFC guidelines, as well as encouraging the development of new recycled paper materials with a more favourable environmental impact. But our eco-friendly policy goes beyond just our printing practises; all company vehicles emit lower amounts of harmful CO2 than regular company vehicles and are regularly serviced to maintain these reduced emissions. Additionally, our Graylands estate business site now has solar panels installed, which generate significant amounts of power for the estate and further reduces our overall CO2 footprint.Our entire printing operation, from end-to-end, has been improved to be as eco-friendly as possible.As a company, we have a strong stance on being environmentally friendly and conducting our business as a green company as it is essential not only for the environment, but also for sustainable forestry. Our aim is to be one of the leading eco-friendly printing companies in the UK and Europe.If you have any questions or would like to better understand our sustainable printing services, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.